A new year, a new semester, a new start. If you’re like other homeschool parents, you faced your own unique set of challenges in 2020. Maybe it was the first time your family homeschooled, or maybe COVID-19 required you to try homeschool in a new way. 

homeschool middle schoolAs you step into 2021, you might be reflecting on how your child’s learning experience is going. You might have even considered if a mid-year change is needed for your family, and found yourself asking these questions: 

  •  I’m feeling unsure about our school plan for this year — do I need additional support? 
  • My child is advancing in a subject I don’t feel comfortable teaching. How can I keep them moving forward, as I recognize my own limitations? 
  • I’m tired. How much longer can I keep this up? 

Whatever question comes to mind, your desire is the same: find a solution that allows you to still be part of your child’s education, without compromising their middle school experience. We’ve put together these tips to help you select the right online middle school course for your child, when you know a change is needed. 

Determine values alignment

Whether you’re looking for a full-time online program, or for one or two supplemental classes, it’s important to find something that aligns with your family’s values and the practical advantages your family is looking for. 

Start by identifying your non-negotiables — what are you not willing to sacrifice in your child’s education? That might be a trusted, Christian curriculum. Next, decide what you would like to see a program value (such as a focus on STEM opportunities, or emphasis on encouraging students to learn on and off-screen). Ultimately, ask yourself this question: will this program or class support or deconstruct what I am trying to teach in my home? 

Consider your child’s unique interests 

Middle school is an exciting season of growth as your pre-teen learns to distinguish their God-given strengths and identify personal interests. How will you continue to support those growing interests, when they expand to include topics like spiritual growth, foreign languages or creative writing? Finding a course that will nurture your child’s gifts and offer them a tailored learning experience is key to keeping them engaged. The skills they develop now will continue to shape their career interests and the goals they set for what comes after graduation. 

A personalized learning plan, designed for your child

Download our free parent guide and learn more about how Lenawee Christian Academy supports parents and students in their homeschool journey. 

Identify areas for growth

You felt comfortable teaching elementary math, but your child is heading towards more complex math concepts at an alarming rate. How do you continue to support your child’s academic growth when they show adeptness in a subject you are not as comfortable teaching? 

Look for courses that will challenge your child and offer depth to their learning, not only in subject matter, but in levels of advancement. That last thing you want is for your child to get bored or feel held back in the subject that feels like a natural fit for them. 

Evaluate what flexibility means to your family

When you first made the decision to homeschool, did the word flexibility come to mind? If taking ownership of your family’s schedule is important to you, consider how a course program might support (or hinder) your lifestyle. Learning should be personal — it’s not just about what your child is learning, but when and where they are learning that’s important. Will an online program let your child work through content at the time that is best for your family? 

At Lenawee Christian Academy, families can choose individual courses, or transition to full-time online learning, at any time of the year. Our rolling admissions model allows you to start classes, when it’s best for your family. 

Explore Opportunities at Lenawee Christian Academy 

If you’re ready to see how your student might thrive with LCA’s online classes, schedule a meeting with Amanda Keibler, coordinator of family relations, to learn more. 

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