An Online Solution

lenawee christian academy onlineIf you’re like most homeschooling parents, you treasure the opportunity to be deeply involved in your child’s education. You’ve probably noticed that as your child’s coursework has become more advanced, teaching has also required more of you. You want to continue homeschooling, but you realize it can be time-intensive to prepare, deliver, and grade a complex subject. 

You’re looking for solutions for specific subjects that require less of you without compromising your child’s learning experience. 

That’s why we created Lenawee Christian Academy. LCA is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and can provide the values alignment and practical advantages your family is looking for.

By partnering with Lenawee Christian Academy, you have options to replace core subjects or easily add enrichment courses to your child’s learning plan. Since you are likely looking for more than just conventional off-the-shelf curriculum, we’ve designed LCA online middle school courses to be not only productive but fun and engaging as well. Your child will look forward to learning with us!

Lenawee Christian Academy provides online middle school courses to Christian families who want to supplement their existing homeschool learning plan. 

Some of our most popular online courses include:

  • Bible 
  • English Language Arts 
  • Spanish 
  • Math

Why Families Love LCA

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really pleased with what my 7th-grader is learning online at Lenawee Christian Academy. Just this morning they were doing an activity where I had the opportunity to listen in. I watched as my child answered questions like “Who gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech and “Why was Rosa Parks a significant figure?” I could go on, but the point is that LCA is teaching my child powerful lessons about life, history, and influence, and I am forever grateful!” - A Super Proud LCA Mama
technology needed for students

Technology Recommendations

  • Webcam (usually built-in to computer or tablet)
  • Microphone (usually built-in to computer or tablet)
  • Dedicated internet access (at least 25 megabit download and 5 upload speed)
  • Printer (Occasional use)

Students will use Canvas for coursework and communication with faculty.

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