tailored learning planEverything about your child is unique–the way they care for siblings and friends, their solutions to problems and challenges, even the things they find funny.

At Lenawee Christian Academy, we not only acknowledge and celebrate each student’s unique interests and learning styles but use those characteristics to maximize their learning potential. 

A customized plan for the coursework called mySequence℠, paired with our proven curriculum, delivers a tailored scope and sequence for each child’s LCA education. This novel approach to online Christian education gives parents the ability to encourage their child to have fun and explore, while a certified teacher guides the student toward mastering each subject area.

How Does mySequence℠ Work?

As we partner to develop your child’s tailored learning plan, you will meet with the LCA team to answer a few questions. Your responses help form the best way to address your student’s learning preferences, your state laws regarding education, and the goals you have for your child’s education.

LCA then provides a custom learning plan which applies to each of the five primary areas of study: math, science, English language arts, social studies, and Bible. You will also be provided with a visual progress chart so you can track and encourage your student as they journey through the material.

What is Scope and Sequence?

The LCA team will craft a scope and sequence for your child’s journey with us. The term “scope” refers to what your child will learn in a specific course. The term “sequence” refers to the order of subjects areas your child will learn in that course. With our student-focused design, you gain peace of mind knowing that our program is tailored for your learner and compliant with your state’s academic requirements.

How Is Curriculum Delivered?

An online education system is used to deliver time-tested coursework to each student. This framework is driven by proven content delivery methods using the latest tools in technology. 

In an average school, the curriculum is delivered by a teacher to their students as a group. Achievers in the class press ahead. But struggling students are left behind. Their curiosities are neglected and their learning preferences are often ignored.

Lenawee Christian Academy students benefit from content delivery that maximizes their mastery of a subject and motivates them to dig deeper because of the achievement systems built into our online services. 

In the end, we provide information to students in a way that they are able to understand, and that motivates an intrinsic love of learning.