A Flexible Approach

online middle school lenawee christian academyThe middle school years are a time of exciting growth and change for adolescents. These years can be challenging for the entire family and you want to make sure your student’s academic environment is positive and supportive during this age of opportunity.

For families needing more flexibility, the online middle school model has many advantages. If done with excellence it has the potential to be the perfect solution for your family.

That’s why we created Lenawee Christian Academy. LCA is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and can provide the values alignment and practical advantages your family is looking for.

We understand that an excellent academic experience is important for your child’s development. Your middle schooler is likely curious, increasing their independence, and is beginning to think critically for himself or herself. We get it! This challenging nature is a positive and necessary part of maturing.  At LCA, we love middle schoolers and see them as valuable image-bearers of God. We’re also really good at helping them navigate these wonky years.

Lenawee Christian Academy is a comprehensive option for Christian families who want their child to flourish academically and socially in an online environment that is specifically tailored to middle school students.

Connections with others are important. Teachers provide support for students and communicate regularly with parents. Students and families are included in events, clubs, and relationship-building opportunities. 


Through our mySequence℠ system, we provide student-focused and tailored courses optimized to your child’s gifts, talents, and learning style. We want to help your child reach their full learning potential.


All of our content is taught from a biblical foundation so your child will learn to see the world through the lens of scripture. Teachers are intentional to support and encourage students along their academic and spiritual journey.

technology needed for students

Technology Recommendations

  • Webcam (usually built-in to computer or tablet)
  • Microphone (usually built-in to computer or tablet)
  • Dedicated internet access (at least 25 megabit download and 5 upload speed)
  • Printer (Occasional use)

Students will use Canvas for coursework and communication with faculty.

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